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Water treatment

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The water source will determine the amount of the contamination and level of treatment required e.g. borehole water is likely to have less overall contamination than river or reservoir water but may need treatment for nitrate removal. Water from rivers generally contains the most impurities and therefore needs the most treatment. Reservoir water is cleaner, but it still requires treatment. Typically the principles are the same, SEEPEX’s pump range has the flexibility to meet the varying demands:

  • Remove physical sediments, biological and chemical contamination
  • pH correction by addition of acid or alkali
  • Disinfection by addition of chlorine based compounds before distribution.

Our Solution

SEEPEX progressive cavity pumps offer the best conveying and metering solutions in all areas of water treatment.

Some sample applications:

  • MD range for flocculent dosing
  • BN range with SCT for sludge feed and transfer
  • T range for dewatered sludge
  • MD or BN range for pH correction
  • MD or BN range for hypochlorite dosing for disinfection

SEEPEX’s pump technology and expert knowledge enables the water treatment industry to comply with the regulator requirements by supplying safe drinking water:

  • NSF and WRAS approved materials
  • Intelligent metering pumps optimize chemical usage
  • Control systems for intelligent metering or filter press filling
  • SCT