Tailored pump solutions for all pumping applications

SEEPEX develops and produces progressive cavity pumps, pump systems and digital solutions. We utilize our modular system, which consists of many high-performance ranges, to manufacture custom-fit pump solutions for your application. We will find the right solution for you, complete with competent consulting, planning and project management. That is a promise!

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Standard Progressive Cavity Pumps

The universal basis

The N module forms the robust basis for all SEEPEX progressive cavity pumps. It is used in virtually all sectors of industry for pumping low-viscosity to viscous media, with and without solids.

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Open Hopper Pumps

For big chunks

Ten product ranges and numerous variations for all requirements: With their feed hoppers and screw conveyors, SEEPEX hopper pumps are used for conveying viscous to semi-solid products.

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Metering Pumps

To the exact drop

SEEPEX dosing pumps are used wherever low to highly viscous media, media containing solids, and chemically corrosive media, are conveyed at low pulsation rates and to the exact drop.

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Food and Hygienic Pumps

Absolutely clean

SEEPEX food and hygienic pumps fulfill even the strictest hygiene requirements when pumping high and low-viscosity materials with minimal shear effect.

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Semi-Submersible Pumps

Poised to dive

SEEPEX semi-submersible pumps empty barrels, basins and containers – and can even withstand the demands of abrasive or corrosive media with low to high viscosity.

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Wobble Pumps

The power pack

Short and space-saving: SEEPEX wobble pumps with a flexible stator fixed on one side, pump liquids of various viscosities – even containing high levels of solids.

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Smart Conveying Technology

Continuous ongoing development

Maintenance costs reduced by up to 85% and significantly lower downtime and life-cycle costs: with the patented Smart Conveying Technology.

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Progressive cavity pumps from SEEPEX fulfill the strictest quality standards thanks to precisely manufactured geometries, individual materials and design, and surfaces and coatings optimized for every application.
Pump Systems
SCT AutoAdjust

Smart Conveying Technology AutoAdjust

It's all about the perfect fit

A pump whose hydraulic, high-precision stator clamping is automatically adjustable at the touch of a button. For consistent pumping capacity and high productivity.

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Smart Air Injection

Progressive cavity pump meets compressed air conveyance

Developed for the particularly energy-efficient conveyance of dewatered sludge or spent grains over long distances, with changes of direction and elevation differences.

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Chemical Metering System

Improved process control in a plug and play unit

Pre-engineered chemical-feed skid system as a modular and scalable solution for all chemical dosing applications.

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Excellent pump solution meets intelligent control system – in an optimally calibrated complete system for maximum economic efficiency. The packaged units from SEEPEX deliver all the important components for smooth integration into your systems.
Digital Solutions

Digital Solutions

Discover the potential of your pump

Digital Solutions from SEEPEX make your pump fit for the future of productivity: through networking, control and monitoring. Discover the new digital options for optimizing your processes.

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Service on Demand

Technical support, rapid spare parts purchasing and comprehensive pump information: the apps from SEEPEX turn a smartphone or tablet into the service center.

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Control systems

Everything under control

Simple, precise, economical: Control systems from SEEPEX ensure optimal conveying processes at all times – as tailored pumping solutions for your application, or with standardized functions to protect the pump.

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Digital Solutions from SEEPEX make your pump fit for the future of productivity: through networking, control and monitoring. Discover the new digital options for optimizing your processes.


Built to shred

For maximum operational reliability, minimum downtime, and reduced operating costs: SEEPEX macerators break down solid and fibrous components in pumping media.

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Solid or fibrous components in pumped media can quickly represent a hazard to pumps, downstream plant components or piping. SEEPEX macerators effectively shred coarse materials and thus ensure pump-friendly pumping media.