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SCT AutoAdjust

Smart Conveying Technology AutoAdjust

It's all about the perfect fit

A pump whose hydraulic, high-precision stator clamping is automatically adjustable at the touch of a button. For consistent pumping capacity and high productivity.

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Smart Air Injection

Progressive cavity pump meets compressed air conveyance

Developed for the particularly energy-efficient conveyance of dewatered sludge or spent grains over long distances, with changes of direction and elevation differences.

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Smart Dosing Pump

The intelligent 2-in-1 solution

The Smart Dosing Pump with integrated control system combines the classic dosing benefits of a progressive cavity pump with modern, decentralized control concepts.

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Chemical Metering System

Improved process control in a plug and play unit

Pre-engineered chemical-feed skid system as a modular and scalable solution for all chemical dosing applications.

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Mine Dewatering Unit

Mobile ground water management

Mobile ground dewatering for efficient separation of solids and vonceying of mine water in a compact and leightweight design.

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Excellent pump solution meets intelligent control system – in an optimally calibrated complete system for maximum economic efficiency. The packaged units from SEEPEX deliver all the important components for smooth integration into your systems.